From design to food and rituals Berbersmudge is the space for celebrating our daily life and making our home a sanctuary. The more our world is changing the more we need a haven to restore ourselves a place where we can recharge and celebrate life by making the every day sacred. Thats why we created Berbersmudge so that we can share our love for design, food and rituals with you. We hope to inspire you because we believe that we can make our home a sanctuary by uplifting the ordinary into something special and magical.

About Najat

NAJAT EL ATTARI loves creating, “When i am decorating or curating i can get into a state of flow and I often feel like in a fairy tale”. Creating is an intuitive process that cannot be summed up in words she believes. The feeling of a well thought-out interior is beyond description. From childhood, buildings and homes did something to her emotion and when she would enter a house she could pick up on the energy of the people that would live there. This intuition is what lead her to later in life embrace a spiritual lifestyle and everything to do with ritual and ceremony.

About Dounia

DOUNIA EL ATTARI is obsessed with entertaining, she loves to prepare a meal and decorate the dining table in style, al to make loved ones enjoy her food and feel welcome in her house. Creating the perfect ambiance for making a real connection is what lights up her life. she has a master in law and has just started her career in that field, however the entrepreneurial spirit called and a collaboration with her mother was born Together this mother and daughter duo would love to share their perspective on how to make our house a sanctuary by sharing their interior design tips, delicious recipes and by taking you on a journey of discovery of the art of ritual and ceremony.

Because they feel that these lost traditions and customs may resurface now, so that they may help us find harmonie and peace while navigating these turbulent times of big changes. love …. Najat and Dounia